Boys U10-2 Division 4D

Charlestown 6, Melrose 1 — The BU10-2 Townies finished their season with a convincing 6 to 1 win over visiting Melrose. The win brought the Townes final record to 4-6, which is impressive when you consider that the team lost its first four games and that for all but two of the boys this was their inaugural season of travel soccer. Saturday’s victory displayed just how far the team’s skills and teamwork have come. For Melrose it must have seemed like the Townies were coming at them from all directions. And they were. Six different Townies players either scored or contributed assists, including Aedan Mclaughin who from the fullback position netted the first townie goal as well as his first of the season. Also scoring in the first half were Halfback Colin Delvalle and Aaron Wadman who padded his lead leading goal tally (13 on the season) with one from Fullback as well and another in the second half from Halfback. Although the Townies racked up a 3 – 0 lead in the first half, the game was closer that the score indicated. The Townie Goalies Anthony Sachek and Colin Delvalle had to turn back nearly a dozen shots and four breakaways, including a stunning first half save by Sachek who fearlessly threw himself headlong into one of the Melrose rushes. In second half Dominic Slesar Kennedy scored his forth goal of the season and Oscar Eldh Jahn his third as John Desimone threaded a pinpoint pass to him on a Townie  three on one. Heads up to Desimone for making the extra pass that counted. Final mention goes the team’s two Daniels, Kennedy who played magnificently at forward putting three shots on goal and Bryan, whose six open field stops at fullback added to his team high 39 on the season.

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