Down to the wire – DiDomenico and Flaherty sprint to the finish line; Cambridge is key

In another week, the voters decide if they want to send Senator Sal DiDomenico back to the senate or to send Attorney Tim Flaherty to the senate to take his place.

Both candidates are pulling out all the stops in a rush to the end of this campaign.

DiDomenico is pinning his hopes on a huge turnout in Everett and better turnouts for him in Charlestown and Chelsea and he has been working hard in Cambridge, whose potential voting numbers will not be split four ways this time around.

In this election, Cambridge could be the difference.

In Charlestown Flaherty is likely to enhance the winning position he found himself in the last time around.

Everett is expected to go DiDomenico’s way, however without a split Cambridge vote, it is believed DiDomenico’s 120 vote victory the last time these two met will be countered by the Cambridge vote.

Although out of politics for almost six years, the endorsement of former Senator Jarred Barrios gave to Flaherty two weeks ago is believed to have mobilized the very liberal Cambridge voting public.

This could tip the apple cart when all is said and done.

Cambridge voters will choose between its hometown guy, Flaherty and DiDomenico, whose family has run a business there for many, many years.

DiDomenico has received countless endorsements, including those of approximately 22 Everett Common Councilors and Aldermen.

Both candidates have been canvassing the sprawling district continuously.

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