Coletta To Hold Hearing on Technological Infrastructure Improvements for Departments

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Boston City Councilors Gabriela Coletta, Ed Flynn, and Liz Breadon will hold a hearing regarding technological infrastructure improvements across city departments on Tuesday, April 2 at 2pm in the Iannella Chamber, Fifth Floor of Boston City Hall.

“Our current technology in various city departments is outdated. We seek to upgrade these programs to be more efficient and responsive to the day-to-day needs of our constituents,” said Coletta. “I’m optimistic that we will continue the conversation and explore more investments to ensure our city’s technological infrastructure can serve our constituents.” 

City Councilor Gabriela Coletta.

In the previous legislative session, Councilor Coletta held a hearing to discuss the digitization of parking regulations to work collaboratively to bring a new modernized parking enforcement system that helps with the quality of life and boosts efficiency in constituent services. During the hearing, city administrators from the Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) shared a plan to embed technological infrastructure that would allow the Boston Transportation Department (BTD) to respond more efficiently to the day-to-day needs of constituents. The Councilors seek to further last year’s conversation and discuss updating technological infrastructure for all city departments.  

“It is critical that our city departments have the necessary technological infrastructure in place for our residents to request city services, report quality of life issues, and access city updates,” said Councilor Flynn. “I want to thank Councilors Coletta and Breadon for their partnership on this issue, and I look forward to this discussion on how we can further improve the existing technology utilized by our city departments.”

“Investments in modern technological infrastructure are crucial to providing quality services to our residents across the city,” said Councilor Liz Breadon. “From property assessment and code enforcement to housing inspection and facilities maintenance, strategic system improvements should be pursued across the enterprise of local government. I look forward to discussing the current status and future progress of enhancing our citywide technological resources.”

Members of the administration expected include: 

• Santiago Garces, Chief of Information Officer, DoIT 

• Kerry Jordan, Chief of Staff, DoIT

This docket was referred to the Committee on City Services & Innovation Technology chaired by Councilor Enrique Pepén (District 5) of Roslindale. Members of the public are encouraged to provide written or oral comments. More information on the hearing can be found at: 

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