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Please, Consider Joining These Efforts

To the Editor,

The Society of St Vincent de Paul Society is an international voluntary organization in the Catholic Church, founded in 1833 to service the needs of the poor. Since 1876, the Saint Mary Conference of the St Vincent de Paul Society here in Charlestown has been working with individuals and families at their time of great need.

The name St. Vincent de Paul is synonymous with outreach to folks who lack basic needs. With 37% of Charlestown residents living below the Federal Poverty Line, the society has been instrumental in reaching out and supporting the disadvantaged in our community through volunteers and donations.

Some examples of how the St. Vincent de Paul members go about their mission of providing loving support include: responding to emergency requests for furniture, providing new beds and bedding, gently used couches, kitchen sets, household items, and giving emergency rental assistance to avoid eviction in dire circumstances.

Much work is done in consultation with the client to provide guidance and support for accessing resources already in place. A volunteer team visits each applicant’s home to ascertain the living situation and with the input of the client, determine the needs, and arrange on how best to help.

St Vincent de Paul Society members also work closely with Harvest on Vine, our Charlestown food pantry. In November, St Vincent de Paul members will be partnering with Harvest on Vine to distribute over 500 brand new winter jackets to clients who register for the Harvest on Vine Turkey Dinner.

This work is solely done by volunteers who dedicate their time. There is always a need for more help whether donating furniture, etc., participating in clothing drives, making monetary donations, or simply lending a hand when there is a need for extra help.

Please, consider joining these efforts if you are in a position to do so! If interested please email [email protected]. Giving of yourself to your neighbors is very rewarding to both the volunteers and the clients.

Peter LeCam


We Can Stop PLAN Charlestown

To the Editor,

Together we can stop PLAN Charlestown. On Tuesday, October 24, the Charlestown Historic Battlefield District Committee – a group comprised of veterans, military historians, and civic activists – will be hosting a community meeting at the American Legion Post 26 from 7:15 PM – 8:15pm.  Please join us.  We hope that the leaders of the various historic and preservation organizations and the elected officials who have stated on record their opposition of PLAN Charlestown will attend to learn more.  This is a neighborhood wide call to action – we need your support. Protecting the historic integrity of Charlestown’s legacy will require us to come together as a unified front. 

Johanna Hynes

Inundation District Documentary About The Seaport

To the Editor,

In a time of rising seas and intensifying storms, one of the world’s wealthiest, most-educated cities made a fateful decision to spend billions of dollars erecting a new district along its coast — on landfill, at sea level. Unlike other places imperiled by climate change, this neighborhood of glass towers housing some of the world’s largest companies was built well after scientists began warning of the threats, including many at its renowned universities. The city, which already has more high-tide flooding than nearly any other in the United States, called its new quarter the Innovation District. But with seas rising inexorably, and at an accelerating rate, others are calling the neighborhood by a different name: Inundation District.

The 79-minute film, a production of The Boston Globe, will be released October 29, 2023 7:00 PM at Brattle Theater

https://globedocsfilmfestival2023.splashthat.com/   Tickets: https://globedocsfilmfestival2023.splashthat.com/

See more www.inundationdistrict.com 

Diane Valle

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