The Tragedy in Israel

The incursion into Israel by terrorists from Gaza this past weekend, resulting in the indiscriminate and wilful slaughter of 900 innocent civilians, including young children, rates as one of the most heinous events in the world in this century.

The terrorists’ actions had one and only one objective: To kill as many Israelis as possible and to capture dozens more to serve as hostages.

The terrorists’ deeds could not have been accomplished without the support of the Iranian government, whose only objective on the world stage is the destruction of the State of Israel.

Both the terrorist thugs and Iran’s leaders know fully well that the repercussions of their nefarious deeds will fall most heavily on the two million people of Gaza, of whom half are children, who are being used as pawns by the terrorists and the Iranians and whose land now will become the stage for a full-scale Israeli military assault that will be necessary to root out the terrorists and their leaders.

The sheer hatred exhibited by the Iranian-backed terrorists this weekend has shown to all the world that Iran and its proxies have no desire for peace with Israel. We trust that the perpetrators of this past weekend’s horrors will be brought to justice — and we can only hope that Iran’s leaders somehow can be held to account for their role in this terrible event.

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