BPS Students To Participate in Jaylen Brown’s Bridge Program

Boston Public Schools (BPS) is proud to announce its collaboration with Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown’s 7uice Foundation’s signature 2023 Bridge Program. This multi-day camp aims to provide Boston’s high school students access to a wide range of resources to help them achieve a choice-filled life. Around 100 Boston Public Schools students are registered to participate in the 2023 Bridge Program. 

By collaborating with the renowned MIT Media Lab, the Bridge Program offers a transformative experience for participating high school students, introducing them to STEAM-related opportunities while focusing on emotional literacy, financial literacy and leadership. 

“We are excited to join forces with The 7uice Foundation’s Bridge Program to empower our Black and Brown students with invaluable opportunities and experiences,” said Boston Public Schools Superintendent Mary Skipper. “The 7uice Foundation’s Bridge Program is a wonderful and powerful example of a true collaboration that aligns with our vision of educational equity in BPS. We are so thankful to Jaylen Brown and his foundation for helping to prepare our students to be full contributors and leaders in an increasingly diverse and technologically advanced world.”

“I’m thankful to be able to team up with Boston Public Schools and the MIT Media Lab to host our third year of the Bridge Program,” said Jaylen Brown. “All kids, no matter their zip codes, should have access to these resources, and I’m committed to creating equal-opportunity education programs that benefit traditionally underserved communities. I see myself in a lot of these kids and want to give them all the chances in the world to succeed and be their best selves.”

The Bridge Program centers around three key areas that are crucial for students’ personal and academic growth:

• Leadership and Activism: Connecting Bridge participants with leaders of social change to advance a transformed society in which youth of color can access opportunities that will change their lives and that of their communities.

• Health and Wellness: Offering programs that incorporate yoga, meditation, empathy, and emotional literacy workshops. These programs aim to cultivate mindfulness skills and support the Bridge participants in effectively communicating their experiences and narratives and promoting healing and personal growth.

• Sustainability, Innovation & Technology: Introduce participants to workshops led by distinguished researchers within the fields of artificial intelligence, aeronautics, virtual reality, clean technology, robotics, and sustainable food systems. In a rapidly changing environmental and technological world, the Bridge Program introduces participants to advanced technological tools and justice-based approaches that can be utilized to address the most urgent challenges of our time.

The 2023 Bridge Program incorporates the concept of “Sankofa,” symbolizing the importance of acknowledging historical knowledge and wisdom to shape a better future. The program seeks to create a culturally relevant and transformative experience for all participants.

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