Happy Ramadan, Easter, And Passover

One of the things that we take for granted as Americans is our freedom to worship — or not to worship — as we see fit.

What brings this thought to mind is the plethora of religious-oriented observances that are occurring this month: the Muslim holy month of Ramadan has been ongoing since March 22 and extends through April 20; the week-long Jewish celebration of Passover begins today (Wednesday); Easter Sunday, preceded by Good Friday, is this Sunday for Catholics and Protestant denominations; and the Orthodox Christian observance of Easter is set for next Sunday.

In addition, the Cambodian community will be celebrating the Cambodian New Year for three days from April 14-16.

This confluence of religious holidays serves as a reminder to all of us that the concept of freedom of religion began — and still exists — in America. Most of the Pilgrims, as well as many of the other early settlers of America, were religious separatists who had broken from the Church of England and who came to America in order to be free from persecution (though the Pilgrims, who were known as Puritans, were themselves intolerant of other religions),

We wish to take this opportunity to wish our readers of all religious preferences a happy and healthy holiday season.

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