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As I Saw It: The CNC Election

To the Editor,

Many, many years ago I came across a column in an East Boston newspaper written by George Murphy titled, “As I See It”.  Although I considered Mr. Murphy a little “rough around the edges,” I always enjoyed his written banter about local happenings and always learned a thing or two for the most part.

Taking a cue from Mr. Murphy, I am writing this letter regarding the recent Charlestown Neighbor Council elections, with the title, “As I Saw It”.

The facts: More than 6 days before the scheduled election, Mayor Wu called a cold emergency in the city of Boston. The polar vortex would land the following weekend, and everyone should stay in and be safe. Instead of heeding this advice and postponing the election for the communities, safety, and concern, someone from the CNC, in their esteemed wisdom, decided to proceed with the election. This was poor judgement.

The list of candidates for the election came out the Thursday before the election. This did not give much notice to find out about what the candidates stood for or any information to make an informed decision.

Due to the redistricting and lack of new maps for the election on Saturday, gave way too much confusion and questions as people signed in to vote.

As a senior and with a car for transportation, I was able to vote and help at the polls. Throughout the afternoon, it became clear to me that many seniors were not voting, as in the past, seniors always found it their duty to cast a ballot and always showed up at the polls. They, in their good judgment stayed home.

What about parents with children, where were they? Many in Charlestown have no cars, where were they? Where were the ones who make it a point to vote, where were they? So many people heeded the mayor’s advice, used good judgement, and stayed home.

Wondering why many of my friends didn’t vote, I asked them. Their answer, “What election?’

This is disturbing as the thoughtless CNC found it okay to have an election regardless of the cold weather and lack of clear information for the people. This was a flagrant disregard for the community of Charlestown.

There are 15,000 adults living in Charlestown. A grand total of 338 residents voted, 2.25% of 15,000.

George Murphy, rest his soul, would have a field day reporting on something like this. 

Ann Kelleher

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