Edwards Appointed Senate Vice-ChairOf the Metropolitan Beaches Commission

Senator Lydia Edwards, State Senator for the 1st Suffolk and Middlesex, has been appointed as Senate Vice-Chair of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission (MBC). The Commission is co-chaired by Senator Brendan Crighton of Lynn and Representative Adrian Madaro of East Boston.

The MBC was created in 2006 by the Massachusetts Legislature and is managed by Save the Harbor/Save the Bay to take an in-depth look at the Boston metropolitan region’s public beaches. It is composed of elected officials and community leaders from Boston and the metropolitan region’s waterfront neighborhoods and beachfront communities.

The MBC appointed a Senate Vice-Chair, House Vice-Chair, and Community Vice-Chair, in an effort to expand and diversify the collective leadership of the MBC. The team will lead the Commission’s ambitious policy agenda in the upcoming legislative session to improve equitable access for communities to our public beaches, regardless of race, ability, gender, sexual orientation or language spoken.

Senator Lydia Edwards brings her connections to the 1st Suffolk and Middlesex as both a City Councilor and Senator, as well as her critical perspectives from residents in coastal communities, the district with the most extensive coastline in the state. Her record of supporting social justice is critical to the work of the MBC, as initiatives to amplify the values and voices of people of color, people with disabilities and non-English speakers in the region’s urban natural resources continue to grow.

“I’m honored to be appointed as the Senate Vice-Chair of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission,” Senator Edwards said. “I look forward to working with my fellow commissioners on making our public beaches more accessible for all.”

“Boston Harbor, the waterfront, and Constitution Beach are important to residents across East Boston,” said Rep. Adrian Madaro. “We are so excited to have Sen. Edwards representing East Boston, Revere and Winthrop as a Vice-Chair of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission. Her work and passion for our community makes her a perfect addition to the Commission.”

Rep. Joan Meschino, Massachusetts State Representative for 3rd Plymouth, was appointed as House Vice-Chair and Chris Byner, Program Director for the Boston Police Activities League, was appointed as Community Vice-Chair of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission.

“The incoming Vice-Chairs bring unique skill sets and perspectives that will certainly strengthen our leadership team,” said Senator Brendan Crighton. “We are thrilled to have them on board and I look forward to working with them to make our beaches cleaner, safer, and more accessible.”

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