Let’s Go, Morocco!

Even those who have been casually following the World Cup for the past few weeks are aware of the amazing run by Morocco, a team that has ignited the imagination of sports fans around the world after knocking off two European powerhouses, Spain and Portugal, this past week en route to becoming the first team from Africa ever to reach the cup’s semi-final round.

The most-inspiring aspect of Morocco’s ascent to the Final Four of the World Cup is that unlike many of the other teams, who are led by superstars such as Messi, Mbappe, Ronaldo, or Harry Kane, the Moroccans do not rely on one man to win. Their unselfish play and team defense (the Atlas Lions have conceded only one goal in the tournament, and that was an own goal) epitomize the notion of what the “beautiful game” is all about — 11 players working in sync and harmony to vanquish more highly-regarded opponents.

Morocco’s success is a life-lesson not just for aspiring athletes, but for all of us in whatever endeavor we undertake.

Morocco’s next contest is this Wednesday at 2:00 EST when they take on defending world champion France in what promises to be the Moroccans’ most challenging contest of the tourney.

We know we join with sports fans everywhere who love to root for the underdog in wishing the Moroccan team and their fans good luck — h’ad saâid!

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