Silver Linings: Mother-Daughter Duo Work Through COVID To Pen Two Children’s Books

In March 2020, mother-daughter duo Maryann and Caroline Deignan were living on separate continents: Caroline in Cape Town, South Africa, and Maryann in Charlestown.

With strict Covid regulations, 7,716 miles between them, and travel suspended for the foreseeable future, Maryann and Caroline relied on Facetime to stay in touch, talking regularly and leaning on one another through the pandemic. In an effort to stay positive and productive they started brainstorming new projects that could be done together, but apart.

After a successful, happy career as a childcare director, Maryann had long aspired to write children’s books in her retirement. Maryann and Caroline decided to team up and make that dream a reality. Entirely new to the authoring process and knowing they would have to collaborate completely virtually, Maryann and Caroline began to pen and iterate drafts of various books, research and hire local illustrators, and learn the self-publishing process.

Nearly two and a half years later they’ve succeeded in creating and self-publishing two children’s books – “Safari Bound” and “Sisters” under their brand Mare and Care books.

“Sisters” is a heartwarming story about a trio of sisters who navigate the challenges of life together, while teaching children the importance of family and relationships. “Safari Bound” is an exciting adventure that encourages young readers to tap into their senses and use their imaginations to transport them to the African Bush, meeting hippos, zebras, giraffes, buffalo, and elephants along the way.

While each story is totally different, both have been crafted to be rhythmic, entertaining, creative and educational in nature. Each book is filled with beautiful illustrations by Emma-Duncan Brown (“Safari Bound”) and Penny Weber (“Sisters”), which bring the storylines to life in a way that children can understand, question, and engage with.

Caroline and Maryann feel the entire experience of writing children’s books together has brought them closer than ever. The fact that the books are now published and available for purchase is “just the cherry on top of overcoming a challenging time in a way that, hopefully, sparks joy, warmth and light in the imaginations of each and every reader”.

To purchase Sisters or Safari Bound, please visit Barnes & Nobles or

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