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Save the Date

To the Editor,

This year the theme of Earth Day is “invest in the planet.” With that in mind, the organization Pier5.org is celebrating the day on Saturday, April 23, from 12-3 in the Navy Yard at Pier 5.

There will be many educational, hands -on activities for the young as well as those of us who are not so young. There will be recycling, the Oyster Project, E-inc., our community science group, Bootstrap Composting, an East Boston farm display, a children’s author, making bookmarks from recycled materials, exchanging children’s used books, face painting, music, refreshments and much more.

We will be joined by the Boston Fire Department to talk safety and fire prevention and introduce a device for the hearing impaired to keep all of us safe.

Cycleboat Boston will be offering free rides right on the harbor so come early and sign up. Giveaways and displays of children’s artwork will add to the festivities.

But the most important part of all will be the chance to meet our neighbors from all the nooks and crannies of our diverse and great community as we come together to learn, play, converse, and take in the moment, after all, “it takes a village.”

So “invest in the planet” and, “invest in each other.”

Thank you and more details soon as our program is finalized and complete.

Ann Kelleher      

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