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About The Box

To the Editor:

Green, blue, gray, black, short, tall, narrow, wide, metal, some with labels, some without are dispersed throughout our neighborhood. We pass by them often but never give them much thought or even maybe a glance. They keep our community humming, working, keeping us moving and adding conveniences as we go about our daily business.

They are often called “traffic control cabinets” but are more commonly known as utility boxes. 

In a recent edition of the Charlestown Bridge, December 16th, 2021, there was an in- depth article regarding the City of Boston’s Opportunity Fund. This announcement from Mayor Wu’s Boston Cultural Council, states, “This is a huge opportunity for artists living in the City of Boston to further develop their careers and help provide access and community engagement opportunities throughout the city.”  In FY22 there will be around $245,000 available for grant distribution. The deadline to apply is January 28th, 2022. 

I have been thinking about these boxes for years. Each morning as I look out my window checking on the weather, etc. I am reminded of that box, not one but two boxes, one large and one smaller green box that are located right in my line of vision. Sporadically I’ve thought about the boxes being painted or made to look like some beautiful repository for all the inner wires and tubes which is their purpose.

 As I have traveled to other towns, cities, and communities, whether it be Arlington, Revere, or my other frequent destination, Plymouth, I am always in awe of the beautiful works of art created on these boxes. Geometric, historical, nature themes, quotes, or just plain whimsical art greets and gives pleasure to the visitor as well as the community residents. 

Public art projects can build community, improve the neighborhoods, and create pride and accomplishments of the many artists living amongst us. What can be better than that?

Please visit the Boston Cultural Council website or gov/opportunity-fund for more information on the many grants available. To the seasoned or budding artist, this is a great way to help our neighborhood, it’s residents and the many visitors to our historical and wonderful community of Charlestown. 

Ann Kelleher

New Year’s Resolution- “Let’s Connect All Charlestown to its Waterfront!”

To the Editor:

For a quarter of a century, this has been a New Year’s Resolution for some of Charlestown’s residents.  Will 2022 be the Year we finally “Connect All of Charlestown Residents to their Waterfront”?  Yes, it could be the year, if…:

If we create an iconic, interactive, educational, environmental, historic, climate resilient Pier 5 Park at the Head of Boston Harbor. 

If we have a Comprehensive and Inclusive Master Plan for Charlestown to provide connections between our Town’s varied communities. 

If we have a transportation linked infrastructure of open space and parks that can be accessed by All!

If we have a magnificent waterfront park at Pier 5 for all to enjoy, and a truly comprehensive Master Plan, we can do this. Then, after years of our Community’s separation from its waterfront by the U.S. Navy Yard’s war-faring service to our Country, we can fully open the old Navy Yard gates to a new service of Community well-faring and well-being.  

We can open the gates to healthy big sky space, to our Nation’s history, to maritime awareness and to climate resiliency education —Open the gates to the very special place at the Head of Boston Harbor, Pier 5 Park!

Let’s do it!

Pier 5 Association

Sherrie S. Cutler, A.I.A.

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