Police Briefs 06-03-2021

Charlestown Beat

Investigate Persons

 05/16/2021 – Officers assigned to the Harbor Unit responded to a phone call from the US Coast Guard at around 3:09 p.m. concerning people stranded on a dock in the area of the USS Constitution in Charlestown. On arrival officers spoke with victims who stated that they were on their inflatable raft when it began to take on water. The victims were able to proceed to a dock in the Charlestown Navy Yard without incident.

Ballistics – Evidence Found

05/15/2021 – At about 8 a.m., an officer spoke with a caller who stated he discovered what he believed to be a spent shell-casing in the area of 50 Terminal St. The officer observed an object around loose gravel and rocks, but was unable to verify if it was a casing. While moving the debris, the officer made contact with the spent shell casing before securing the round in a plastic bag as evidence.

Sick /Injured/Medical

 05/15/2021 – Officers spoke with an individual who appeared to be in distress in the vicinity of Fifth Street and First Avenue at approximately 8:40 a.m.  

The individual stated he needed his medication and wanted to go to the hospital. The BEST team arrived on scene and spoke with the man about finding a detox facility. Boston EMS arrived on scene and transported the male to Mass General Hospital for further treatment.

Larceny – Shoplifting

05/10/2021 – On arrival at CVS Pharmacy at 21 Austin St. at about 7:30 p.m., an officer spoke with the store manager, who reported a shoplifting incident.  He stated that a female suspect with dyed red hair wearing a black hoodie and dark jeans, and carrying a neon green totebag stole approximately $ 600 in merchandise.

Area -1 detectives were scheduled to follow up on the matter.

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