Kids of Charlestown: Summer Themed Art Labs at Essem Art Studio & Exhibit at Zume’s Coffee House

Essem Art Studio (Charlestown Commerce Center) is partnering with local hot spot, Zume’s Coffee House (Main Street; Charlestown) and Savvy Sitter Boston to bring a community art experience to the kids of Charlestown. Zume’s walls, usually adorned with the gorgeous canvases of rising local artists, will be dedicated to featuring the art work of Charlestown kids during the months of July, August, and September.

The summer themed art project—abstract florals—will be painted at Essem Art Studio during dedicated Art Lab sessions under the guidance of Charlestown resident and abstract artist, Sophia Moon throughout the month of June. Moon has been hosting Art Labs in her studio since last September, providing kids (and their parents) the opportunity for creative play and exploration. Savvy Sitter Boston—in the service of providing local, dependable, trustworthy and fun babysitters—will assist in facilitating the Art Labs. 

The nominal fee to participate will be $5 per child. The fee will reserve a spot for each child in a dedicated Art Lab (typically $25/ per child). The canvases, paint, supplies, and hours of labor to bring the show together are being donated by the women behind the three local businesses. 

Asked about the significance of this showcase each of the women had the following to say:

“Children’s art has always been a passion of mine. I love how kids can express themselves through art. We have hosted many kids shows at the coffee house with local schools over the years that have been just fabulous.”  – Debra Ball, Zume’s Coffee House

 “It will be really cool for the kids to come into Zume’s and see their own art hanging up!” – Lauren Kuruc, Savvy Sitter Boston

“This community art project will showcase art of the kids of Charlestown in a way that fosters a deep pride in self and in our community.” – Sophia Moon, Essem Art Studio

For more information and to reserve a spot for your child, visit or email [email protected]

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