Dogs and children don’t mix at Eden Street Park

Many of us would like to know “what is going on with Eden Street Park”?

The first really beautiful sunny warm, delightful day, (Saturday April 13, 2019) I decide to walk over to Eden Street. where I know I will see my friends with their Children, some with grandchildren and some just out to take in a beautiful day.

What I did not expect was to see dogs, dogs, and more dogs! Some barking like crazy at the kids riding on bikes, and rollerblading, some even running alongside them barking, which was scary for kids since they didn’t even know these dogs. Dogs roaming around us while we were trying to enjoy our lunches, lapping up every crumb we may have dropped. No, we did not have a dog with us. Why would we? After all it’s a park. Not a dog park. This is totally unacceptable.

Dogs are ruining this park, not only for children, but for adults too. Why are dogs running around here with no leash? Why are they pooping and peeing all over the grass and not being cleaned up after? And why is this supposed to be accepted? Well it’s not accepted!

There are many children and adults who actually are allergic to dogs. You do not have to touch a dog for your allergies to react, the dander and dog hair in the air can trigger an allergic reaction very quickly. Note that many people stopped eating peanuts in public places due to so many children and adults having a nut allergy. Common courtesy!!

So again. Why dogs running around a park full of children? What used to be a beautiful green grassy area, now looks disgraceful, it’s a shame. We used to be able to sit on the grass and enjoy picnics with our children. We also used to be able to go out on the field and pitch a ball or throw a frisbee, or play red rover, dodge ball, all sorts of activities. No-you can not do that today without some strange dog running in front of you or chasing the ball or trying to catch the frisbee. Not to mention that no one likes to clean up after their dogs. The grass is so brittle and brown it hurts to sit on it (so no more picnics on the grass). The dogs just come sniffing around you the minute you open a snack or sandwich weather you are on the grass or on a bench, and so much more.  Adults can’t even sit and read a book or a newspaper or just enjoy being outside soaking up the beautiful weather without being annoyed by a dog sniffing around or barking at them. And where are the dog owners, on the other side or in the basketball court or hockey court chasing around their small children.

This day was not the most enjoyable as everyone hoped it would be. The park was flooded with children trying to enjoy themselves, this was no easy task for that-sad. Children falling off bikes into the grass because they were afraid of an unknown dog chasing or barking at them while trying to play, which only caused a few to fall off into the dirty littered dog poop and pea grass, which now has little bugs and gnats festering all over. You actually get bites and welts from this. Two of the children that were trying to enjoy the day, really did not get to. And what’s worse is they did not get to enjoy their evening either. No they spent the night after being showered down scratching their bodies all over. Then being covered in anti-itch cream (Calamine Lotion). A few hours later that wasn’t working, so it was a late night trip to an open pharmacy, out of town of course, for Benedryl for children just so they could hopefully stop scratching and get some sleep after what should have been an enjoyable day. It wasn’t.

Why in the world do people think it is okay to bring their dogs to Eden Street Park. We have dog parks in this town and that’s where the dogs should be going. After all, I don’t see anyone bringing their children to the dog parks. Why would you? It’s a dog park. So why bring the dog to a park with playground areas, bike riding area, rollerblade/ball hockey rink, basketball courts

And many benches to just sit and relax on? And continue to ruin the once beautiful grass area meant for children and families to enjoy.

Bottom line is……Children and dogs do not belong in the same park!!

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140, section 173 “leash law” that requires an animal in public on a leash at all times.

Massachusetts General Law Chapter 140, section 73 and City Ordinance 16-1.9 is intended to protect people from free roaming dogs.

Teri Muscarella

Phipps Street

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