Suffolk University Development Rumor Discussion Squashed at the Meeting

Several Charlestown residents said they attended this meeting because they heard a rumor that Suffolk University is looking to “build two ice rinks, freshmen housing, a field house, and taking our rink,” on this parcel, one resident said.

“I’ve heard that idea floated as well,” Devin Quirk responded. “Someone has proposed that re is interested in feedback on it, but that’s not an allowed use. You can’t have housing or a rink on this site without a change in state law.”

Someone else said that the issue the women were speaking of was further down Terminal Street, and not on the parcel of land that was up for discussion at the meeting. He said he had heard about it and said that “one of our own is trying to stick [this development] down our throat so he can make money,” but it has nothing to do with the Little Mystic parcel.

“Steering away from that, it sounds like a different issue. Thank you for the clarification,” Quirk responded.

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