Public Invited to Submit Photos for Planned Boston Harborwalk Signage

The city’s diverse history of immigration will be highlighted in new signs planned along Boston’s 43-mile public Harborwalk by Friends of the Boston Harborwalk (FBHW). 

The signs will feature photographs of immigrants who first entered the United States through Boston by ship or plane, and settled in the city. 

And they welcome your help.

To ensure the new signage accurately reflects the waves of immigrants from different parts of the world spanning the past 300 years, FBHW invites the public to scan and email them images of foreign-born family members who immigrated to the United States via Boston and then settled in a local neighborhood.

While the signs will not include individuals’ names, countries of origin, or dates of entry, submitters are asked to share this information with FBHW when submitting the images.   

Please scan and submit these pictures to the FBHW chair, Mike Manning, at [email protected]  and write “Photos” in the subject line. 

FBHW is a volunteer organization, affiliated with Boston Harbor Now, promoting greater awareness and public enjoyment of Boston’s 43-mile Harborwalk.  The group hosts monthly tours of various Harborwalk segments, facilitates waterfront clean-ups and creates engaging interpretive signs to commemorate the waterfront’s past and present.

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