Letter to the Editor

Charlestown is not for sale

Dear Editor:

Although unaware to most of us, Charlestown is being methodically put up for sale. A recent decision by the Boston Zoning Commission is precedent setting. It allows Hood to exceed the allowable maximum height of 115 feet by building to 275 feet, which will alter the landscape of Charlestown forever. Despite being presented with more than 700 Charlestown resident petition signatures, WE THE PEOPLE 02129 are being ignored. In the meantime, Hood is buying its way into the hearts of our community by sponsoring various events.

The current situation with Hood is just the tip of the iceberg. If this development becomes a reality, similar buildings will follow, especially on the I-93 corridor, creating a wall to Cambridge and a canyon for Charlestown.

WE THE PEOPLE 02129 are being left to deal with….

  • Air-quality issues caused by pollutants making Charlestown #1 in incidents of ASTHMA in the City of Boston for children and adults
  • TRAFFIC GRIDLOCK with emergency vehicles being unable to get through congestion
  • DENSITY – The average per square mile in Boston is 14,000 residents. Charlestown currently has 17,000 and if this rate of development continues, it will increase our population to 24,000 residents.
  • A proposed “cannabis” store will add to the traffic gridlock.

If you feel, as we do, that Charlestown is worth saving, please join us.

Parents of young children and elderly citizens should take note of the health conditions being created. The time is now to act and let our voices be heard. Send us an email at [email protected] and indicate you want to be provided with more information as it becomes available. Please join us in saying “enough is enough”….

Please join us and add your name to our petition….SAVE CHARLESTOWN! https://www.thepetitionsite.com/124/881/902/stop-zoning-exceptions-and-high-rise-develop- ment-in-charlestown.-now/

Thank You…WE THE PEOPLE 02129 .

Irene Kershaw and others

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