A Peek into Luxury: Encore ‘Golden Rooms’ Show Off What is to Come

Even though the outside of the Encore Boston Harbor tower isn’t completed, there is already an opportunity to get a peek at the lap of luxury that is soon coming to the shores of the Mystic River.

“This is the first run where you fit out all the rooms for quality, specifications and dimensions,” said Greg John of Encore Boston Harbor. “This is where we want to check things like if the plugs are in the right locations – whether or not they’re too far from the bed. We want to make sure the systems are working, the electronics and the HVAC systems. We want to make sure everything is in the right place. If the TV is too big or too small, we can make adjustments. The Golden Room concept is really a final, final, final check to make sure quality is assured.”

This week, Encore announced that it has fully finished its three ‘golden rooms,’ which are fully finished rooms in the hotel that are used to troubleshoot and iron out any kinks before the larger volume of rooms are completed.

The Independent took a walking tour through a 1,350 sq. ft. parlor suite on the end corner of the north side of the fifth floor of the building – with sprawling views of the Mystic Valley and downtown Boston.

There were no pictures or videos of the finished rooms allowed, as the look and feel of the rooms are a closely held secret that is being held until later in the build-out.

However, touring the rooms gave great insight into the type of luxury that will be found there – the kind of comfort that one cannot find at the moment in any of Boston’s top hotels.

Walking into the foyer, one is greeted with a warm bronze light emanating from the Wynn Bronze windows. But that’s not the only source of the bronze color.

The carpeting is a hounds-tooth pattern of bronze and oranges – the finest woven carpet that apparently comes from a source that the company won’t divulge.

Likewise, marble tiles in the bathroom and walking area are cream colored and infused with just the right shade of the Wynn bronze color – giving the scheme less of a look and more of a feel. The source of the marble, likewise, is from a source outside the country and a closely held company secret.

The front room of the Parlor Suite has floor to ceiling glass, with ample space to entertain or spread out. The bedrooms are large, located down a hallway from the front room. A luxury, large bathroom services each of the two bedrooms.

Closet space come in an astounding amount of square footage, with the purpose being to accommodate world-class travelers who often bring wardrobes with them when staying at a Wynn branded resort. In the room, the closets were as big as most bedrooms.

The bedrooms featured amazing views of Boston, with the beds including those well-discussed Wynn branded sheets made of the highest thread-count known to man. Each room also has a private massage room near the closet areas, and also a granite counter wet bar to greet guests at the door.

The three Golden Rooms now fitted out include an end suite of 3,350 sq. ft., a Parlor Suite of 1,350 sq. ft. and a Deluxe Resort King Room of 650 sq. ft.

In all, there will 671 rooms in the Encore hotel with 104 of them being suites.

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