Looking at the Hood Park Project

Dear Editor:

“Hood Park pulls concert venue proposal, wants to talk to higher buildings later”, according to a recent headline in the Charlestown Patriot Bridge.

It was astounding to read further and learn just how high the developer is speaking of. He is suggesting increasing the maximum height of building the Hood Plant site from 115 feet to 330 feet.

Hmm, just how high would 330 feet be? The tallest building in Charlestown is the Flagship Wharf at 136 feet. Adding another 100 feet to that building we can visualize the proposed height the developer is anticipating.

The Bunker Hill Monument is 231 feet. Again, adding an additional 100 feet we can use our imagination and visualize a 330-foot building.

Looking across the water to the East Boston Airport Control Tower at 285 feet, again by adding another 45 feet we can get a picture of a 330-foot building.

The developer states 330 feet would be the average height from the buildings surrounding us.

This is not Boston Proper, nor the Seaport nor Cambridge.

This is historical Charlestown, one square mile, and a community known for its quaintness and closeness, and a place where many people desire to live and work.

A grandiose plan of a 330-foot building in Charlestown is not only inappropriate, but ridiculous, period.

It might be time for Charlestown to have a conversation and community-wide dialogue regarding rezoning and setting appropriate height restrictions before the next developer shows up with yet another outrageous proposal.

Ann Kelleher

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