Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens on Somerville Line

By Seth Daniel

A little-touted medical marijuana clinic has opened on Broadway in Somerville just over the Charlestown line in the Sullivan Square area.

Revolutionary Clinics, a state-of-the-art medical marijuana company, made the announcement this week that its dispensary at 67 Broadway has now opened. Revolutionary Clinics has spent several years working with state regulators, Somerville officials and law enforcement to open the Somerville location.

Despite being a stone’s throw from the Town, there has been no outreach from Revolutionary Clinics until now.

“Above all, we are patient focused,” said Meg Sanders, managing director of Revolutionary Clinics. “We take great care in not only serving our patients, but also in sourcing the highest quality medical marijuana available. We partner with only the most reputable leaders in the medical marijuana industry to ensure the products we carry are safe, effective, and diverse to serve all patients.”

The dispensary was carefully designed and crafted to create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere where every patient feels welcome. “We have a vey unique feel to this store – with a strong nod to women like me; 80 percent of family health-care decisions are made by women,” said Sanders. “And our patients love and appreciate our easy, free parking, too.”

The Revolutionary Team is comprised of knowledgeable people from all walks of life, including exceptional experience in the medical cannabis industry, alternative medicine, technology, horticulture, law enforcement, financial services, and education.

Revolutionary Clinics said they are now, and will continue to be, invested in the community of Somerville. There was no mention of supporting any organizations or efforts in Charletown.

“We believe in giving back, and we have a deep commitment to serving our community,” said Keith Cooper, CEO of Revolutionary Clinics, who came to Revolutionary Clinics after a career of building many successful tech companies in Massachusetts. “We want to see our neighborhood thrive, and are proud to be involved in initiatives that make that happen. ”

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