Annual Halloween Parade Kicks Off on Oct 31

Halloween at Monument Square and the Training Field provides lifelong memories for Charlestown’s children, families, and friends, and this year will bring the 32nd year of a special day in the Town.

The 32nd annual Halloween Parade on Tuesday, October 31, at 5 p.m. at the base of The Bunker Hill Monument/Monument Avenue Steps, hosted by the National Park Service and The City of Boston.

Coordinator Diane Valle said the celebration looks to be a great time once again, and is in no small part due to the cooperation of neighbors and sponsors.

“This is really, once again, a great story of collaboration to benefit the neighborhood,” she said. “We try to keep it a home-grown and local neighborhood trick  or treat. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. We are grateful to the community residents for their generosity to support wonderful trick or treating. This one square mile is our ‘home.’ We are proud to celebrate together.”

The Warren Prescott School Halloween Choir will entertain with songs. There will be decorations, balloons and glow in the dark necklaces donated by Charlestown Mothers Association, and ghosts by Mary Pollard. The new Wizard, Jim Duane, will recite the Monument Square Halloween Poem. The Tony Barrie Marching Band, sponsored by Bunker Hill Plaza/New England Development, will lead the parade around the Monument.

“The Living Tree” is sponsored by Constitution Wharf/ Charles River Realty/ National Development; The Bubble Guy; Super Heroes by The Cambridge Savings Bank, CharlestownDogs; DownEast Cider; The Wizard of Oz; “Honey, I Grounded the Kids” and other exhibits will delight young and old.

The Training Field offers exciting exhibits created by The Cooperative Bank, Tom Coots and team and Doug MacDonald’s blow ups by The Not So Scary Team; Whole Foods with UNREAL Candy;  The Kennedy Center; Turn It Around Photo booth; Teal Pumpkin; “e” inc; The Charlestown Pirates; DJ Smokey Cain, Mark Swab’s spider and other displays.

  • Special thanks go to the many people who make this community event a success:

The Honorable Mayor Martin J. Walsh

The National Park Service, NPS Superintendent Michael Creasey, and Park Ranger Julia J. Mize

State Senator Sal DiDomenico

City Councilman Sal La Mattina

The Monument Square Neighborhood residents

The Friends of The Training Field and residents

Boston Police Department, Boston Transportation

Boston Parks and Recreation, Boston Special Events

The US Navy

The Charlestown Mother’s Association

Boston Portfolio Properties, LLC

Balloonatics; Bill Foley; Billy Kelly, Ellen McLaughlin, Leigh Vaughn, Salome Henderson, and Training Field volunteers; Bunker Hill Associates; Bunker Hill Mall/New England Development; Charlestown Against Drugs/ CHAD; Charlestown Lions; CharlestownDogs; Charlestown Patriot Bridge; Arthur Colpack; Constitution Wharf/ Charles River Realty/ National Development; Diabolis in Musica; Chris & Julie Lovell; Damien DeVasto; DJ Smokey Cain; Dominque Doyle;  DownEast Cider, Haley and Tyler Mosher and DownEast Cider team; “e” inc; Lighting Master Ed Katz; Larry Rinaldi; Jane and Eric Philippi; Frank Celeste; H. David Hennessey, Monument Square Treasurer; James Hauser, The Friends of The Training Field Treasurer; Jeffrey Harris; Jim Duane and Michelle Duane; Kevin Joyce; Legal Seafood Oysteria; Logan Condo Association; Lynne and Rick Enos; Mary Pollard and her ghosts; Mark Swab; Massport; Maureen Grace, Pam Esselstyn and The Putnam Street neighbors; Michael Page as Paul Revere; Nancy and Joe Zuccarini; Party Makers; Patience Bundshuh; Peabody Properties; Place and Gather; Rosemary Keverick as Mother Goose; Ross Photographer; Sorelle; Spindrift; TEAL Pumpkin, Emile Baker and supporters; “The Living Tree”/Ten31 Productions; The Bubble Guy; Cambridge Savings Bank; The Charlestown Pirates, George Morton, Ben Rogers and their team; The Cooperative Bank, Tom Coots and team and Doug Macdonald and The Not So Scary Team; The First Church, Sarah and Eric Maloy, family and friends; The Kennedy Center; The Tony Barrie Marching Band; Turn It Around, Shannon Lundin, Ginaya Greene-Murray and Photobooth team; Warren Prescott School Choir and Olivia Thompson; Whole Foods and Chuck Oliverti and the UNREAL Candy team; and other generous residents, donors and volunteers who help create this great Charlestown tradition for young and old, from all of the neighborhoods.

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