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Story and Photos By Sal Giarratani


Over the summer months, there isn’t that much activity with community meetings or times but once Labor Day hits, the schedule for activists and newspaper guys like me gets busy, busy and more busy.

I was back at the Knigts again  recently for a time to honor and remember Frankie Stillman who passed away suddenly back in 2014. This guy left an imprint on Charlestown Youth Hockey and a void in the community. He was one of those guys you never think about leaving us so suddenly.

I was over at the time put on by “Frankie’s Friends” who gathered together to honor his legacy and fundraise for Charlestown Youth Hockey ( CYHA) too.

It was a great time, almost an Irish wake with music by none other than Smoky Cain himself. I also caught up with the legendary Jimmy Vesey who incidentally was celebrating his 52nd birthday that very night at the Knights.



As someone who spent part of his childhood as a project kid over at Orchard Park in Roxbury, I have always had strong opinions on housing projects and how to make them better for residents. I have written several times right here about the Bunker Hill Projects and how to improve the place for the people who cat home. Recently, I spoke with Bill McGonagle from BHA and hopefully real soon we will be chatting together. Things are tough down at the projects and getting worse. This isn’t something new. Projects after all are never anyone’s first choice in housing. It wasn’t for my family. For my family growing up, the projects were a safety net getting us through rough times. My parents hated living in projects, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to survive.

If you want to share our thoughts on the projects and your ideas how to fix things. Email address: [email protected].

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