Many Wonder about One Charlestown’s New Plans

By Seth Daniel

September is now in the rearview mirror, and still there has been no word, or even an inkling of activity, from the developers of One Charlestown regarding the new design that they were scheduled to unveil some time after Labor Day.

Now, many in the Town are growing restless and wondering just what has become of Corcoran Jennison’s new plans, which were supposedly being ironed out over the summer and supposedly being presented to the Town in mid-September.

That did not happen, though.

Repeated requests from the Patriot-Bridge this month to the new public relations firm representing Corcoran (they changed over the summer from O’Neil and Associates to McDermott Ventures) were not answered.

The Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA) hasn’t scheduled any known public meetings as of yet on the matter.

At the Charlestown Neighborhood Council (CNC), Chair Tom Cunha said he is getting worried that there might not be enough time now for the community to have a proper review of the new plans.

“We have told people there would be some information on One Charlestown and there hasn’t been and we’re concerned,” he said on Tuesday night. “They have told me they have a new plan and some of it requires movement to other sites…Time is ticking. I don’t want to hear in December and January that the community didn’t act right away. We think we need some serious time as a community to dissect this new plan…They need to bring something to us. It was all guns and roses and let’s get going in February. Then they had the moratorium.”

He said he has reached out to the company, and they have indicated that they aren’t yet ready to bring the plan to the community. He said he believes part of the problem is they are now looking at multiple sites for the project, rather than just one large site on the Bunker Hill Housing Development.

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