Adult Education Beyond Academics

How do you measure success?  In business, success is defined by profits. In academia, success is calculated by grades.  In adult education, success is measured one student at a time, as each takes what he or she needs from the services provided.

Charlestown Adult Education, in conjunction with the Kennedy Center and CharlestownWorks, has taken adult education to another level.   Going beyond HiSET certification for those who opted to leave high school early, and language acquisition classes in ESOL, Charlestown Adult Education and the Kennedy Center have expanded their CharlestownWorks initiative.  Now offering job trainings, certification programs, job search assistance, jobs placement services, as well as resumé and cover letter writing, Charlestown Adult Education and the Kennedy Center are putting people on the path to financial independence.

Over the past two years, Charlestown Adult Education has presented HiSET certificates to almost 75% of those enrolled in the program.  Its ESOL program has incorporated academic as well as professional development into its language classes where many students advance quickly through its three levels.  In addition, Charlestown Adult Education and the Kenndy Center’s CharlestownWorks program has placed over 60 residents of Boston Housing in jobs.

In combining educational opportunities with professional development, Charlestown Adult Education and the Kennedy Center have presented a new model with CharletownWorks, taking adult education in a new direction.  Achieving academic goals as well as receiving professional training ensures success on the path to financial freedom and Charlestown Adult Education and the Kennedy Center along with CharlestownWorks measures success one success story at a time.

For more information and to find out how you can become involved, be it for academic certification or professional development, visit Charlestown Adult Education at 76 Monument Stree, 2nd Flr, Charlestown MA, or call 617-635-5221 and take the first step to your future.

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