Police Briefs 03-09-2017

Charlestown Beat


02/27/17 – A victim on Rutherford Avenue reported he informed the guest who had been staying with him for a while that it was time to leave. When he came back home, the victim realized his television and an Xbox gaming system were gone. Detectives are investigating


Burglary – Residential

02/28/17 – A victim on Winthrop Street reported when she returned home, she saw that her front door had been forced open. Electronics and various pieces of jewelry were taken from the home. Detectives will investigate.



03/02/17 – A delivery driver for Domino’s Pizza reported while in the process of making a delivery on Walford Way a suspect approached him from the rear and stuck a sharp object he believed to be a gun in his back before stealing a pizza. The suspect was with two other people. The victim was not injured, and the matter is under investigation.



03/03/17 – A victim on Pearl Street reported she observed that her trash barrels were not located where they are usually stored. She believes this might be the result of an ongoing dispute with other tenants in the building.

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