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This past Wednesday evening, a grateful community held a Charlestown Police Appreciation Night. It was sponsored by the Charlestown Boys and Girls Club and held there as well. People showed up in good numbers because Townies appreciate all that our police officers do for us and society as a whole. Many police officers came out of Charlestown over the years.

As a police officer myself for 28 years, I know that recently our police seem to be under attack. Just last week, it happened again in New York City. I was proud of my law enforcement career. If you listen to the media, cops are always being blamed for everything that goes wrong.

On my recent vacation to Texas, I met cops down there and when I said I was from Boston, they praised the Boston Police Department for being such a pro-active police force. Folks across the country are noticing us up here and it was good to hear that first hand down there.

 Also, noticed when I did my morning exercising around my nephew’s home, I passed by a lawn sign outside a home that thanked law enforcement for what the mean  to all of us. Sadly up here in the north, having seen such a sign yet.


Always love going down to Texas every summer. Always have lots of fun. Great time with the Giartratani Family of Austin, TX where it is 97 degrees day in and day out. Went to a real country rodeo in Wimberly just south of Austin with my nephew and family. My little great nephew Dominic IV or as he is mostly called D.J. is a mutton buster at the rodeo. He finished in second place and did great holding onto a bare back sheep to the cheers of the crowds in the stands. Not bad for a city slicker from Austin.

 Bought a great cowboy hat on this trip. Wore it to the rodeo to look like everyone else and took a selfie to prove it

Dominic Giarratani III with Cowboy Sal


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