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Once again, Christmas is approaching Charlestown  and thanks to St. Mary-St. Catherine of Siena Parish, the Friends of the Charlestown Library and the folks at Hammond Residential Real Estate, This year’s holiday concert will take place on Sunday, December 13 at 3:30 PM inside beautiful St. Mary’s Church.

The concert is free with a suggestion of donations to Harvest on the Vine Food Pantry. Come listen to the Copley Singers under the direction of Brian Jones, emeritus director of music at Trinity Church in Copley Square.

You have not heard a Christmas concert like one complete with a Woodberry and Harris organ and gone away unhappy. I spent many years living in St. Mary›s Parish and to sit in the upper church listen to  music coming down from above in the choir loft is a must for Christmas time.

I love this church building and it is part of my mother’s family roots. When my grandparents came to Charlestown separately from West Cork, St. Mary’s became their church. The were married at St. Mary’s in 1907 and no matter where my my family lived growing up, St. Mary’s was her church.

 You will surely be inspired surely at this concert listening to carols, and favorite Christmas music from Europe and America.

  We all need time to time to take a breather from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to remember and reflect on the meaning of Christmas in our lives.


    We all remember the close call Joe Shadroui had this past summer when he was nearly killed in a horrible meet-up with a vehicle on Main Street. He was in tough shape for some time but fought hard and now that horrible accident is behind him. I saw him at his Bunker Hill Florist shop recently. I was so glad to see him up and around and waiting on customers again. I asked him how Thanksgiving was for him and he smiled and replied, “Great!!!” You can truly be thankful when you have survived an ordeal like the one he experienced.

   The Holidays are a time to reflect on the real important matters of our lives like just being alive to enjoy things and share times with those you know and love.

   Charlestown is a solid community, not always perfect but always striving to bring out the best in our lives. I have many good memories of many great friends who have passed and are no longer here to celebrate life with us but they are always remembered  because all those who have passed always remain with us at times like Christmas.


   You need to check out the place and see how beautiful the place has been decorated for Christmas. You walk in and it certainly looks like Christmas all over the place. Seems magical to many especially little kids who walk in with their parents to look for stuff for Christmas time.


Mayor Marty Walsh came by last Sunday to light up the Thompson Square Christmas tree and the place was mobbed. Every year the little island leading up to the Square gets a somewhat manicky  overkill but the little kids all see to love it all and I think their parents do too. Saturday night, they were still putting it all together under the supervision of Dougie MacDonald. after all he knows a little bit about architecture, right?

Last week was great weather wise with mild temps and plenty of sun. While checking out the decorations, I observed  many kids running all over the place under the watchful eyes of many mommies  and daddies.

  Shown are Elisabeth, Benjamin, proud mom Laura Kheir, all of Charlestown with their watchdog “Chloe” watching all the fun.

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