Send Joe a Smile with a Sunflower

unnamedBy Seth Daniel

Every since Bunker Hill Florist owner Joe Shadroui was tragically hit by a car on Main Street July 16, a consistent stream of concerned well-wishers have filed through the door of the popular neighborhood florist asking what they could do.

Until now, employees of the shop that have been scrambling to keep the ship afloat have not been able to think of anything tangible to suggest.
This week, though, they are suggesting that community members help Joe’s recovery by buying a special bouquet of sunflowers from the shop.
The store is offering a special to ‘Send a Smile’ to Joe with five sunflower stems for $7.50.
“We’re obviously doing this as a positive energy type of thing and Joe is progressing in a positive direction,” said long-time employee Christine Kerans. “We’re doing it as a way to support him. A lot of people have come in and wanted to know what they can do to help Joe. The best way to support Joe is to come buy flowers right now.”
Kerans and the rest of the staff, including Tom, Kate and Ali are all ready to help anyone wishing to help Joe.
“I think of sunflowers as a face and a smiling face, so this is sending Joe smiles,” Kerans said. “It’s a very difficult thing, but this is a way to send Joe a smile and help him continue to progress in a positive direction.”

Cutline –
Sunflowers sit in front of the Bunker Hill Florist Shop on Main Street last week, just steps from where owner Joe Shadroui was hit by a car while unloading flowers from a van on July 16. Employees of the shop, who are keeping the business churning in Joe’s absence, are encouraging the many folks who have expressed concerns to support Joe and the business by buying sunflowers.

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