Donut Lovers Unite: Charlestown Resident Greg John Brings Kane’s Donuts to Boston

Maria and Paul Delios are pictured in the new Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts store in Boston.

Maria and Paul Delios are pictured in the new Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts store in Boston.

Kane’s Donuts has been packing customers in to its store in Saugus for decades. The Delios family is well known on the North Shore and beyond for creating sumptuous, uniquely flavored donuts.

Paul and Maria Delios have brought their award-winning donuts to Boston’s downtown financial district, International Place, opening the region’s first handcrafted donut store – Kane’s Handcrafted Donuts – at 90 Oliver Street.

Kane’s has become an instant hit with donut connoisseurs in the city. More than 2,000 donuts were sold the first morning as guests lined out the door soon after the store opened.

The new Kane’s store is owned by the Delios family and a group of investors that includes Charlestown resident Greg John, president and CEO of G Brand and a graduate of Boston University.

John, 57, is excited about Kane’s arrival in Boston and pleased by the instant, overwhelming reception.

“The lines have been non-stop,” said John. “Our hours are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. and we haven’t made it past 1 p.m. because we’ve run out of everything. And we haven’t even started doing deliveries yet. We have a donut sandwich – a dowich, which is outstanding and we’ll be selling those soon.”

Kane’s donut lovers go back generations and grandfathers now take their grandchildren to the store in Saugus. “It’s amazing that everyone knows Kane’s Donuts. Everyone has a story about Kane’s Donuts. We’ve had requests from California, Bermuda, Florida to send donuts.”

To what does Greg John attribute Kane’s incredible popularity for 60 years?

“It’s obviously the Delios family. They take tremendous pride in what they do. They’re not selling a product. They’re selling their family heritage. There’s love in everything that they do. That’s why our slogan is “Donuts Are Love.”

The honey dip donut has been a particular favorite among guests to the store in Boston. Travel and Leisure Magazine has voted it the best honey dip donut in America.

KThatTs the staple – thatss by far our No 1 donut,s said John.  We always have plain donuts. A lot of donut aficionados just love dipping that plain donut in coffee. We always have jelly, Boston Crème, chocolate frosted. Maria always brings in specialties like blueberry, creamsicle, Snickers, and hibiscus. We also huge coffee rolls, cupcakes, and muffins.W

Kane’s also serves Peet’s Coffee, which is drawing positive reviews. “We offer light roast and dark roast, hot or iced coffee.”

John said all the success starts with the Delios family.

“It’s a testimonial to the Delios family and what they’ve built over 60 years. You can spend a million dollars in advertising and you wouldn’t get anything near what the Delios family has built over 60 years. You can’t buy that loyalty. You can’t buy that trust. You can’t buy that family-bred feeling of ‘I just want to take care of you.”’

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