Letter to the Editor

I am disgusted

Dear Editor:

I am a life long resident of Charlestown and I am disgusted with all the dog feces all over the town. This winter was hard on everyone but the people who do not clean up after their dogs should be ashamed of themselves. You cannot walk down the street without stepping in dog waste. Most of the time you have to walk in the street to avoid it. The town is a mess and you people who do not clean up after your dog are responsible for that dog. Not me or someone else, YOU ARE. If you think that by letting your dog go on the snow, it is just going to disappear when the snow melts, you are incorrect. The fact is you are making it hard on everyone else who lives here in Charlestown. We should not have to clean up after your pet, that is your responsibility as a dog owner. If you can not clean up after your dog (Massachusetts State Law) than perhaps you should not have a dog.

  There are a large percentage of children in Charlestown that now have no place to play because of this disgusting amount of feces everywhere. I am certain that you (dog owners (who do not pick up) dog walkers as well) do not want your own children playing where there is dog feces. I know I do not want my children playing in a park that is overcome with this disgusting issue of the lack of responsible parties. Please consider the outcome when your dog goes and you do not pick it up.Anyone including you and or your children can get severely sick by touching feces. I do not want my children or myself getting sick.

Thank you, your neighbor

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