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 Plans by Wynn Resorts’ plan to build a resort casino at the Everett -Charlestown line now is facing a new hurdle thrown by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh in the form of a lawsuit against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission for denying folks in neighboring Charlestown and all of Boston their legal right to vote on the project. Walsh said his priority ‘is to protect the people of Boston and ensure the safety of our neighborhoods.”

  I was glad to hear also that Tommy Cunha, longtime friend and chair of the Charlestown Neighborhood Council added, “The lawsuit is a great idea. I thought we should have had a vote before this. We’re (Charlestown) the gateway into it. We’re going to be closer to the front of the casino than any other community- including Everett.”

  Back on January 4, I loved the letter in the Charlestown Patriot Bridge by Ann T. Kelleher. She acknowledged in her letter that Charlestown voters overwhelmingly voted YES to repeal casinos statewide. Kelleher and her friends back during that campaign season knew full well that Charlestown could get crushed by the Wynn casino and were getting little if any litigation to manage it.

   GK Chesteron must have been thinking of Townies when he talked about fighting the good fight and the sides we choose. That was a great quote Ann, thanks for passing its wisdom on to all of us.

 At this point in time, the mayor is right, if the casino is to come across from the Alford Street Bridge, it better be a bridge that helps Charlestown and all of my city.

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