Letter to the Editor

Thank you for the support

Dear Editor,

“In the end it will not matter to us whether we fought with flails or reeds. It will matter to us greatly on which side we fought”.G.K. Chesteron

There are many in Charlestown, 7000 plus citizens who voted YES to repeal the casino law. Thank you, those who volunteered, offered support, donated to the effort, we t hank you.

The clergy, Rev. Mousin, Fr. Mahoney and Fr. Ronan supported the effort. We appreciate their involvement and concern.

And thank you to the students of Charlestown High who donated their time by creating and making posters for our use during the campaign.

Hats off to Arthur Hurley for letting us use the Veterans Hall for an information session.

Lastly, many came out to actively work to get out the message out and educate the people of Charlestown about the effects a casino, located a ½ mile form our community will have on us. With you involvement, Charlestown was able to send out a message that we will not compromise our quality of life and we care about the health of our community, young and old.

Ann T. Kelleher

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