Exhibits at Spaulding and Harborview Turning Navy Yard into a Haven for Art

Ted Roland and a sample of his art at Spaulding.

Ted Roland and a sample of his art at Spaulding.

Among the features that Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital has for its patients is a commitment to the use of art to help engage and inspire. That commitment also extends to the community by providing exhibits and pieces in its public spaces that speaks to that mission. Collaborating with its neighbors at the HarborView at the Navy Yard, the corner of First Avenue and 16th Street in the Navy Yard recently had two exhibits open to the public that speak to the themes of hope and perseverance.

The first exhibit, “The Art of Recovery – Finding Strength through Art at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital” was on display on the first floor of the HarborView at the Navy Yard, 250 First Avenue. This exhibits focuses on art created from painstaking brush strokes in therapy sessions to patients documenting their new world view through photography. The theme is how art plays a pivotal role in their care and ultimately their recovery.

 The exhibit features art created by the Spaulding Pediatric Unit patients, former Spaulding patient and photographer Sebouh Kendellian (available for purchase) as well as a sampling of artistic contributions from all across the globe to Spaulding during their treatment of survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombings. The exhibit is open 9am-5pm to the public and will run until early next year.

 Also open to the public through the Spaulding Peace Art Gallery is the exhibit “Panes of Recovery” featuring the artwork of Ted Roland. Ted Roland is a self-taught stained glass artisan who has created pieces reflecting his passions for cycling and music among other topics. From his varied work, Ted has selected eight pieces for this, his first public exhibit called. Through his own experience and expression he seeks to inspire patients, families and others in their rehabilitation journeys.

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