Letter to the Editor

Wynn proposal not a done deal yet!

Dear Editor

With all due respect to Patriot-Bridge writer John Lynds and to Representative Dan Ryan, I would suggest a bit of caution around the statement “Casino definitely headed to neighboring Everett.”  There are significant hurdles for Wynn to overcome before he can break ground in Everett.  There are very challenging permitting processes at the state and city level.  And the Gaming Commission, as we heard on October 15, has set other conditions, including the condition that Wynn engage with the Charlestown community and report on progress back to the Commission.  There are plenty of us among the 70% of the voters, or 4503 Charlestown residents, who voted YES on Question 3 who will doggedly track progress of his proposal through the system to ensure the process is followed and all conditions are satisfied.  It may not be as done a deal as Lynds’ article would lead us to believe!

Lynne C. Levesque

Concerned Charlestown resident

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