Wynn to Hold Forum for Employment and Vendors

As soon as Wynn Resorts received the Greater Boston casino license, the calls began pouring in from potential employees and vendors.

All of them had questions.

Now, through a series of six information sessions, Wynn Resorts hopes to provide some initial answers to the throngs of folks wanting to know how to get involved in the region’s fledgling casino industry.

Robert DeSalvio, senior vice president of development for Wynn, said an “incredible amount” of folks reached out to them wanting to know how to gain employment in the casino, how to become a vendor for the casino and how to get involved in the construction of the casino.

The calls came so quick that DeSalvio said it was time to conduct some informational forums.

“It’s probably too early to run traditional job forums because we’re still early in the start up mode, but it’s never too early to run information seminars,” DeSalvio said. “We took a look at where all the calls were coming from and cast a wide net to get a good cross section of people who had questions. That’s how we came up with locations for these six forums in multiple communities. It’s important to do some information sharing with people.”

The forums started this Monday in Malden, and continued on Tuesday, Oct. 21 in Cambridge and Wednesday, Oct. 22 in Everett.

Other forums include:

•Thursday, Oct. 23, Charlestown, Bunker Hill Community College (250 Rutherford Ave.), 6-7:30 p.m.

•Wednesday, Oct. 29, Chelsea, Mystic Brewery (174 Williams St.). 6-7:30 p.m.

•Thursday, Oct. 30, Lynn, North Shore Community Center (McGee Building, 300 Broad St.), 6-7:30 p.m.

At the forums will be representatives from Gilbane Construction, representatives from the building trades, and licensing information for potential vendors/employees.

“We’re trying to cover all the questions most frequently asked,” DeSalvio said.

One of those questions includes the fact that all vendors and potential employees have to be vetted by the MGC and licensed. That process will include a thorough background check and vetting.

“We want to make sure people understand that process,” said DeSalvio. “After going through this in three different states now, anyone who has had any experience with our industry understands it’s important to the Gaming Commission and to us as operators that people clear this kind of a background check.”

Wynn Resorts estimates that there will be 4,000 construction jobs, 4,000 permanent casino jobs, and some $120 million per year spent with vendors providing goods/services to the casino.

The average salary is estimated at $50,000 with benefits, according to Wynn Resorts.

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