CNC Host Community Meeting on Dec. 5

On December 5, at  6:00 PM the Charlestown Neighborhood Council will host a neighborhood meeting with the Principal of the Edwards Middle School to discuss the Edwards Parking Lot rules and regulations. There will be a question and answer session regarding the parking lot which is used by many neighbors of the school for overnight parking. The Principal, Robert Rametti, will also offer a tour of the Edwards Middle School and a brief presentation of the current school-wide goals and current progress.  Light refreshments will be served.

The meeting will be held at the Edwards Middle School, 28 Walker Street at 6:00PM, Thursday December 5, 2013.

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  1. frustrated
    January 10, 2014 at 12:11 am

    It is not just the Edwards School, please include the Warren Prescott School on School Street. The real reason why cars are towed is a result of Cityside Towing. Upon retrieving my car that was towed for no good reason on a weekend, their response was that it wasn’t them….that the prohibition sign at the lot gave them the right to tow. In their opinion it is the City of Boston that is authorizing this (even though there were no police or school officials involved). Well, needless to say, they want a quick 110+ bucks to tow for no other reason than they want/need to make money. Actually, I got the impression that they feel it is their “right”. To make matters worse for residents that have little other choice than to park in the street, the number of curb cuts authorized to accommodate new townhouses, and the seemingly privileged and/or “connected,” has gotten out of control. Each cut eliminates close to three spaces, given all the end of street allowances. If you are over one half of a foot too close to their openings, they call authorities and have you towed (even though they can still easily get in and out). Those cars end up in the South Boston tow terminal; no inexpensive way out of that situation. The real problem – greed 101.

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