Police Briefs 09-26-2013

Warrant Arrest

09/17/13 – As a result of a traffic stop on Medford Street, an individual was placed under arrest for an outstanding Framingham Court warrant.

Assault with a Dangerous Weapon  – Knife

09/17/13 – A victim told police after drinking with a friend, the friend became upset with the victim and began to yell and scream at him. During this tirade, the suspect pulled out a knife and threatened to stab the victim. The suspect, who is known to officers, fled the scene, and an investigation is ongoing.

Public Drinking

09/19/13 – As a result of a radio call to Walford Way, an individual was placed under arrest for drinking in public.

Larceny in a Building

09/22/13 – A victim told police that someone stole her backpack from the lobby of a building on Third Avenue. The incident may have been caught on security cameras, and detectives were scheduled to investigate.

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