CNC Hears Owners of Crate Escape

Owners of Crate Escape, a dog care facility appeared before the Charlestown Neighborhood Council (CNC) at their monthly meeting on Tueday night to explain how the new business plans to be integrating into the Charlestown community.

At 17,000 square feet of romping room, Crate Escape is the largest in-door dog daycare facility in Boston. It’s a renovated warehouse space for dogs to play located at 200 Terminal St., Charlestown, under the Tobin Bridge. Arranged like a park, Crate Escape offers a climate-controlled environment for dogs to expel their energy and bolt around, unleashed.

After working for 10 years at UPS, Bradley Hastings desired a business of his own where he could bring his dog to work. His family opened a dog boutique in Cambridge, where people assumed he was babysitting his dog and inquired if he could watch theirs as well. The company has since expanded to serving 200 dogs per day.

“We wanted to be in a town with a tightly knit community in Boston, and we wanted them to love dogs,” says Hastings, President and Owner. “That’s what brought us to Charlestown. This is the perfect fit for us.”

Established in 2004, Crate Escape provides daycare, overnight boarding, van service, grooming, and training in Cambridge and Belmont. Charlestown is the newest location, having opened Jan. 28, 2013.

Crate Escape is outfitted with seven pens that have fenced in outdoor access. Dogs are grouped with other dogs of the same personality and size, so they become familiar with each other. Dogs can sleep over in a dorm that is like a giant parlor where they can lodge with a TV and pet attendant. There is a 15:1 dog/ person ratio to ensure the safety and comfort of staff and pets.

“What really makes us different is that our dogs are screened and temper-tested. They’re up-to-date on vaccinations and don’t display aggressive behavior toward other dogs,” Hastings explains.

Staff includes professionals skilled in pet behavior and dog training. Specialists conduct orientations for prospective dogs to examine their body language while around their peers to determine if they are suitable for the daycare.

“It’s easier for your kid to get into Harvard University than your dog to get into our daycare because we’re strict,” jokes Hastings.

Owners can bring their dogs to Crate Escape for $10 an hour ($4 for each additional hour) or spend the day for $30. Van services can pick one’s dog up at his home for a $15 round-trip ($5 for Charlestown residents). For further information about Crate Escape, call (617) 886-9003.

“We’re looking forward to establishing relationships with all the business owners and townspeople, and learning how to better service their needs,” Hastings says.


Customers explain why they love Crate Escape

Barbara Stanley, Marketing Manager, and Bradley Hastings, President and Owner

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