Welcome Back, Mayor Menino: It’s Nice to Have Tom Menino Back on the Job

January 10, 2013

We wish to add our voice to the chorus of residents who have been delighted to see the return of Mayor Tom Menino  to his office at City Hall.

For one thing, it will be a relief to see an end to the speculation about this or that possible scenario by the pundits and others. Any and all such discussion is a moot point and good riddance to it. It is important to keep the city moving forward and such talk served to be a distraction from the important business at hand.  Moreover, until the Mayor decides when he wants to step down (and he has said that when he feels he is ready to step down, he will do so), he is the mayor.

So welcome back, Mr. Mayor. With the myriad of problems in Washington and on Beacon Hill, there is no substitute for the stability and experience that only Tom Menino brings to the chief executive’s office at Boston City Hall.

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    During the last few months the $1 million PR Department has informed the public of absolutely all things Menino, our Mayor Kardashian, famous for being famous, and the impression is that he really does not do very much other than descend on social events at every opportunity to have his picture taken. If stability means stagnation and inertia, the taxpayers agree with you. Boston can’t “move forward” if it is suck in the mud; exactly what does moving forward mean? Demanding tribute from businesses, contributions to charities in order to operate in Boston? How about giving us back our local schools, that would impress us.