Debbie Hughes Honored as ABCD Community Hero

Debbie Hughes

A Charlestown resident was recently honored as a community hero by the Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD). at the Omni Parker last month.

Hughes has been a teacher at the John F. Kennedy Family Service Center for over 30 years. In addition to her work as a teacher, Hughes began Special Townies, an organization that provides individuals who have autism and developmental disabilities with a wide variety of services and supportive programs.

“Debbie (Hughes) realizes the need for an organization such as Special Townies and works hard to fundraise to provide more program services to the families that are in need,” said ABCD President/CEO John Drew. “Her motivation to volunteer derives from caring about people and helping families supported by Special Townies to have a voice and a place, where they are looked after.”

The Community Volunteer Ceremony is one of several key events taking place this year as part of ABCD’s 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Along with Hughes ABCD honored twenty individuals at the Community Volunteer Celebration on Thursday, September 27th at the historic Omni Parker House Hotel in Downtown Boston.

“We are very excited to honor these men and women who have donated their time and energy to support ABCD and its various programs in each of their communities,” said Drew. “

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