Rental Bikes Coming to the Neighborhood

Mayor Thomas Menino announced earlier this week that the total number of rental bicycles available throughout the city will increase by 400 to 1000 before the fall and that at least two new stations holding the bicycles will be placed in Charlestown.

The newly introduced bike system run by Hubway, is a pay-per-ride with 61 stations and more than 600 bikes across the city.

Right now, tourists and residents are taking 2,000 bike trips a day. In the past year, 360,000 bike trips were made.

It has been a popular phenomenon among tourists and residents of the city as well.

The Charlestown Neighborhood Council has already given approval to a Charlestown location at the corner of Main and Austin Streets.

A second location at Warren and Chelsea Street will be discussed at a public meeting on Thursday evening at the American Legion on 23 Adams Street at 7:30 p.m.

Hubway first began talking with city officials about locations in Charlestown in 2011.

Locations here are expected to be popular as tourist visitation here is so heavy and also because so many residents transit to the North End.

The introduction of a bike venue here will also result in major streets being marked off for bicycle paths (see story on page 12)

Bicycling throughout Boston is about as green as it gets and this is why it is so popular with the mayor’s office and with so many local residents concerned about noise, traffic and pollution from automobiles.

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