Domino’s Win

There is one certainty about Domino’s coming to Main Street.

It will not significantly change life in this neighborhood.

That being said, the Neighborhood Council and City Hall need to let Domino’s know in no uncertain terms that it cannot and must not attempt to heap upon Charlestown a plastic storefront with garish coloring.

Domino’s needs to be forced to comply with the local aesthetic.

Even Burger King and MacDonalds do this and have indeed done this in East Boston, where a Burger King recently opened there and features quite a lovely storefront and more subdued signage.

Again, Mr. Rob Rivard has been approved by the Licensing Commission now it is only fair and just that Charlestown gets from him what is needed to move forward so Main Street retains its natural charm.

There is something artificial about the look and feel of the typical Domino’s. What this neighborhood should demand is a Domino’s that fits in with the neighborhood and which does not stand out.

The Main Street Domino’s is essentially a take-out venture.

It is not a restaurant.

Many of their orders will be made on-line.

Therefore, it is not unreasonable at all to hold Domino’s and its agent Mr. Rivard responsible for creating a storefront that has appeal and that does not tarnish the natural order of things here.

This is the standard he must be held to. And if this is accomplished, then we must allow him and indeed welcome him into the Charlestown business community.

After all, he is creating jobs and opportunity and he is making a substantial investment in this neighborhood.

It is likely and probable that Domino’s will be a good neighbor.

Again, this build out coming up on Main Street must be monitored closely. Discussions must be held with Rivard before the build-out begins, not after it is completed.

Then it would be too late.

We welcome Domino’s to the neighborhood.

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