The Heat

The summer appears to finally be upon us with a bit of scorching heat set to run its course for a few days.

The weather forecasters have whipped nearly everyone into a near frenzy about the heat, depicting it as a blizzard, a hurricane or a tornado but not mentioning those names.

The heat is none of those. It is just heat.

What to do?

Put your air conditioner on and remain inside. Go to a public pool and jump in. Go the beach and get a taste of the ocean. Set a chair up outside and sweat.

There really aren’t many options or ways to beat the heat other than to attempt to escape it somehow.

Some of us enjoy the heat and welcome it.

Others are made to feel as though they are going to die from it.

The next few days will try us when it comes to the heat.

Bottom line, there is really no way to escape the heat.

You just have to learn to live with it and then just like that, it will be gone.

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