MBTA Fares Going Up as Much as 25%

Although service in Charlestown along its two major bus routes is not expected to change, T officials said last week that transit users should expect to be paying as much as 25% higher fares next year.

This comes after a series of meetings held throughout the MBTA demographic where thousands came out to express themselves and to vent against predicted service cuts and possible fare hikes.

Following this process, T officials decided on raising the fares as one of the only alternatives to cutting service.

Governor Deval Patrick has asked to legislature to free up approximately $51 million in cash funds now available to be put against the T deficit which is coming in at $160 million this year and an anticipated deficit of $100 million next year.

T Secretary Richard Davey said fares will likely rise almost 25% and that some service will be reduced to save an additional $15 million.

Fares are expected to be raised shortly. Fares have not been raised in 5 years.

A bus-ride is expected to rise to $2.00 and a subway ride to $3.00.

Governor Patrick has said he would favor raising the gasoline tax as a way of paying for the T deficit.

Boston’s rapid transit fares are among the lowest in the nation.

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