Police Briefs 02-09-2012

Assault and Battery on a Police Officer

01/30/12 – Officers responded to a fight oat Bunker hill and Polk street. while trying separate the combatants, other confrontations were started. as a result of this incident, two people were placed under arrest for assault and battery on a police officer.


01/31/12 – As a result of a drug investigation on Medford Street, an individual was issued a city ordinance violation charging possession of marijuana.

Disorderly Person

02/02/12 – During  school dismissal on Main Street, a student became extremely disruptive. The incident resulted in the student being  taken into custody and charged with being a disorderly person.

Larceny in a Building

01/31/12 – A victim on McNulty Court stated that someone stole her HP Touchpad from her apartment. There were no signs of forced entry, and no one present was aware of what had happened.

Robbery – Unarmed – Street

02/03/12 – A victim on Walford Way approached officers and informed them he had just been robbed. A description of the suspects was provided, and as a result of the subsequent investigation, an individual was placed under arrest and charged accordingly.

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