Gloria Conway

January 5, 2012

The passing of Gloria Conway, a founder of this newspaper who shepherded it for so many years, did not come as a surprise. Mrs. Conway had been fighting ill health for quite some time.

Yet her death strikes a sad chord for those Charlestown people who knew her and who respected her and who held her as a friend.

Above all, Mrs. Conway, throughout a long life, was a great friend to the men, women and children of this neighborhood – which she loved.

For more than 40 years as publisher and managing editor of the Charlestown Patriot, she brought to this neighborhood, week to week, all the news of the neighborhood.

She was only 71 when she died last week.

We lament her death and we offer our condolences to her children Dorothy and Tim Conway.

May she rest in peace.

  • Sergeant Tom Lema

    Our Boston Police District A-1 Community Service Office has had a partnership with the newspaper for more than 20 years. We worked with Gloria at the newspaper for many years. Gloria promoted all of our police/community events. She recorded all of our crime statistics and reported on all of the major crime incidents in the town. I can’t say enough about Gloria’s professionalism. She was also a very nice person with a soft touch. She had incredible patience with us. Gloria and her husband Jim operated a top shelf community newspaper that highlighted every event that occured in the town. There were just as many pictures as articles.  Both Gloria and Jim took great pride in promoting Charlestown. Thank you Gloria and Jim Conway.
    Sergeant Tom Lema