Police Briefs 12-08-2011

11/21/11 – Larceny

A victim on Old Landing Way reported that ten metal posts were stolen from his job sites. Information was received providing a plate number of the vehicle used in the crime. The suspect was identified and a warrant will be sought in Charlestown District Court.

11/21/11 – Breaking and Entering Residence – Day

Officers responded to Albion Place where it was learned that someone had entered the building by breaking the frame and bolt on a rear door. This gave the suspect(s) access to the common area connecting the other units. As a result, two of the units were entered and various electronics and cash was taken.

11/25/11– Breaking and Entering Residence – Night

Officers responded to Baldwin Street for a breaking and entering in progress. A description of the suspect was broadcast and as a result of the initial investigation a suspect was placed under arrest and charged accordingly.

11/27/11 – Willful and Malicious Destruction of Property

As a result of a radio call for vandalism in progress, an individual was placed under arrest for damage done to a taxi. After an argument about paying the fare the suspect shattered a window and broke the rear door.

11/28/11 – Breaking and Entering, Residence

Officers responded to Albion Place for a reported breaking and entering to both the first and second floor units. Both units had jewelry and various electronics taken. At this time officers did not find any signs of forced entry. Detectives will investigate this matter.

11/28/11 – Assault and Battery

Officers observed an individual on Main Street with blood on his face and a disheveled appearance as if he had been in a fight. Officers attempted to render assistance but the victim refused to cooperate. An ambulance crew did provide treatment to his injuries.

11/29/11 – Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous weapon – Gun

Officers responded to Bunker Hill Street for a report of a man shot. Upon arrival, officers observed a victim on the ground bleeding from the head. The victim was transported to Mass. General Hospital where the following morning he was pronounced deceased. Members of the Boston Police Homicide Unit are handling the investigation.

11/30/11 – Disturbing the Peace

As a result of a disturbance call on Walford Way, an individual was placed under arrest for disturbing the peace.

12/01/11 Braking and Entering, Non-residence

Officers on Medford Street observed a rear exit door with a broken window. Further investigation showed, through a surveillance camera, a suspect had entered the building. At this time nothing appears to have been taken. Detectives are handling the case.

12/03/11 – Larceny Over $200

A victim on O’Meara Court informed officers that someone stole her debit card and removed $200 from the account. The suspect is known to the victim. This matter is under investigation.

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