Joanne Massaro

Charlestown resident Joanne Massaro isn’t just the first women to lead the city of Boston Department of Public Works. She is the first leader of the DPW to bring it more fully into the 21st Century. And she has done this with hard work, intelligence and with the full support of Mayor Thomas Menino – who believes in Massaro.

She has not only streamlined nearly every aspect of DPW procedures, she has instituted change in the one city agency that seemed resistant to it for decades.

She has lived in Charlestown for the past 30 years and brought her two daughters up in this neighborhood which she loves.

The short biography of Massaro appearing in this edition of the Patriot-Bridge is the first of a series of biographies keying in on Charlestown personalities, their jobs, their lives, and their ambitions.

What one finds with Massaro’s Boston experience – growing up in Hyde Park but living here for much of her adult life – is that Charlestown is the home to many Joanne Massaro’s – success stories in every way, doing their bit to make Boston a better place.

Those of us who know Massaro are impressed with her intuitive understanding of what is right for the people of this city and what is not.

Her DPW leadership is all about instilling esprit de corps.

That says a lot about Massaro, who we were pleased to feature this week.

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